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Master Tung's Magic Points & The Ancient Art of Cupping Package

Master Tung's Magic Points & The Ancient Art of Cupping Package

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Twelve disc DVD package by Susan Johnson, L.Ac. View a complete list of DVD contents.

With this package you get:

  • Master Tung's Magic Points: Point Location and Needling Technique DVD Set (4 discs, 4.75 hours)
  • The Ancient Art of Cupping DVD Set (8 discs, 7.5 hours)

Master Tung's Magic Points: Point Location and Needling Technique DVD Set
Discover a remarkably effective, easy-to-learn system of acupuncture with immediate and lasting results. This 4 DVD series features more than 60 high quality movies, close-up digital footage from Susan Johnson’s courses, demonstrating point location and technique for the most powerful point combinations in Master Tung’s acupuncture.

With her characteristic clarity and precision, Susan teaches this simple but potent system, sharing methods she’s perfected in more than 25 years as an acupuncturist and instructor. Watching this DVD series is like attending the demonstration portion of Susan’s seminars—and as her students know, she packs every demo with a wealth of essential information.

With extremely detailed explanation and visual cues, Susan makes point location easy and fun. The DVDs are easy to watch on a computer or TV, with user-friendly navigation and a chapter for each point combination. This is an irreplaceable companion for the Master Tung's acupuncture books.

The Ancient Art of Cupping DVD Set
The DVD series includes:

  • Full-length video demonstrations with clear explanations of the cupping process.
  • Lectures—illustrated with video footage of cupping offering hundreds of minute details and experiential gems from Susan's extensive experience as an acupuncturist.
  • Precise instruction in when, where, how, and why to use cupping, and the various cupping styles (plastic pump up, glass flame, running/pulling, and bamboo).
  • Printable versions of ten different cupping patterns for treating a wide range of structural issues.
  • Printable full-color brochure for patients, with answers to questions like: "What Is Cupping?," "Why Choose Cupping?," and "Is Cupping Painful?," along with instructions for aftercare; includes color photos to illustrate cupping marks as they change color over a 7-day period.
  • User-friendly navigation, with detailed markers for finding and viewing specific video clips.

About Master Tung's Points:
Most acupuncturists are accustomed to using many needles per treatment, in a course of 10 or more treatments, before they see results. But with Master Tung's Magic Points, the patient usually feels improvement after only one or two treatments, with very few needles. Master Tung's Points are fondly referred to as 'magic' because in most cases, these points deliver instant and lasting results. Master Tung's Points are located opposite the affected area (points on the head can treat the feet, and vice versa). For this reason, the body's energetic pathways must be kept clear, so the practitioner selects only a few powerful points for treatment.

Tung's acupuncture is very safe; most of the points are located on the extremities, pushing energy toward a deficiency or pulling it from an excess. Needles are never inserted at the site of pain or injury. This efficient system enables you to see many patients in a short time, and it's perfect for network or group acupuncture. Patients love the simplicity and effectiveness of Tung's Points treatments.

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