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The Best of Master Tung’s Magic Points with Susan Johnson

The Best of Master Tung’s Magic Points with Susan Johnson

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Learn the Magic Points of Master Tung Presented By Seasoned Acupuncturist Susan Johnson, L.Ac.
Take part in this rare classroom experience. In this two day seminar, Susan presents her favorite Master Tung's acupuncture points. Learn in depth, the magic of these points!

This course will provide both beginning and advanced acupuncturists, an understanding of the energetics employed when using Master Tung's Points. Susan will demonstrate the precise point location and needling technique for these points, operative theory, indications, a wide variety of the most commonly used point combinations and case studies. Students find that these points are invaluable. They are simple to learn, useful and effective right away!

Susan continuously expands her understanding and includes new information and case studies with every series. Take this class again to gain more knowledge or to review your techniques. The complexities and deeper connections of this system become clearer as practitioners study these points again and again.

Susan Johnson, L.Ac.
Susan has been studying and practicing acupuncture since 1982 and is an esteemed teacher of Master Tung's Points. In 1983, she began her internship with Dr. Miriam Lee. Soon, Susan became Dr. Lee’s primary student and trained extensively with her for more than 12 years. In 1987, she became a student of Dr. Wei-Chieh Young. Susan has studied Master Tung’s system for more than 30 years.

Susan maintains an acupuncture practice where she uses these points almost exclusively. Her passion for Master Tung's Points and her desire to share this remarkable system with others has inspired her to teach seminars and guest lectures worldwide, write articles and produce webinars and DVDs. Susan is continuing to work on innovative ways to share Master Tung's Magic Points with a global audience, making this incredible system available to as many people as possible.

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