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The Ancient Art of Cupping DVD

The Ancient Art of Cupping DVD

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Eight disc, 7.5 hour DVD by Susan Johnson, L.Ac. View a complete list of DVD contents.

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Would you like to resolve TMJ with just one treatment? Release a 30-year-old whiplash? Clear a painful hip joint? These are the kinds of results you can expect when practicing the art of cupping. An ancient and multicultural technique, cupping draws toxin buildup or muscle spasm out of the deep tissues of the body, while simultaneously pulling in freshly oxygenated blood. In cases of blockage or stagnation, the correct use of cupping can reduce a patient's healing time by weeks and even months. And you can obtain amazing clinical results with treatments of just 10 minutes.

This 8-DVD series masterfully presents the art of cupping in high-quality, close-up digital footage from Susan Johnson's courses. In a dynamic and accessible style, Susan shares all the information a practitioner could ever need about this indispensable method.

The DVD series includes:

  • Full-length video demonstrations with clear explanations of the cupping process.
  • Lectures—illustrated with video footage of cupping offering hundreds of minute details and experiential gems from Susan's extensive experience as an acupuncturist.
  • Precise instruction in when, where, how, and why to use cupping, and the various cupping styles (plastic pump up, glass flame, running/pulling, and bamboo).
  • Printable versions of ten different cupping patterns for treating a wide range of structural issues.
  • Printable full-color brochure for patients, with answers to questions like: "What Is Cupping?," "Why Choose Cupping?," and "Is Cupping Painful?," along with instructions for aftercare; includes color photos to illustrate cupping marks as they change color over a 7-day period.
  • User-friendly navigation, with detailed markers for finding and viewing specific video clips.

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