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 SEIRIN J-Type (Expires 12/17)
SEIRIN J-Type (Expires 12/17)
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SEIRIN J-Type (Expires 12/17)

Please note these needles have an expiration date of 12/2017
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The J-Type acupuncture needle is renowned for its role in producing gentle, painless and stress-free treatments. Made from the highest quality stainless steel, it features a lightweight, comfort grip, 2.0 x 20 mm plastic handle that is color coded for easy gauge identification. With Light Touch Insertion, the needle is easily released from its guide tube by gently pressing the needle away from its point of attachment on the tube. Each needle comes individually packaged with its own polypropylene guide tube, which is rounded on the end for patient comfort and is 100% PVC free. Box of 100 sterile, disposable needles.

Sizes 01 and 02 (Japanese gauge) are for treatment of face, ear and other superficial acupuncture points and must not be used on muscular points, for deep needle insertion, or electro-therapy.

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